I'm presently running 2 G5s with OS X.3.5 (Specs are Dual 1.8 GHz; 1.25 GHz DDR 3300 RAM and the usual standard kit that comes with it out of the box). The problem is that both are running very slowly, sometimes freezing all together. The problem doesn't appear in the logs either.

I've rebuild 1 machine twice now, run Apple hardware test through both and can't find a problem. Sometimes the Mac seems to work fine, but will suddenly sit for 10 minutes just Getting Info on a folder; Opening the Prefs for an application etc. I've tried opening files directly off desktop and from an MS 2003 Server, but still get speed issues here too. The worst thing is that the G4s we also use are out performing the G5 :eek: .

I built the machine first off using the OS X image that comes with the Mac and the second time using the G5 OS X install disks. I'm running the usual apps - Adobe CS (all patched to latest versions); Office 2004 (patched); Suitcase X1 (patched); Norton Antivirus 9; Norton Systemworks 3.0 and Admitmac 1.1 and the usual mix of apps that come with OS X.

Has anyone seen similar cases? I'm wondering if 1.25 Gig of RAM is not enough or its our network causing the performance issue. I've tried using activity monitor to watch performace, and have been worried by simple tasks causing the bars to jump above 50%, but if I run the same process on another day (same conditions) I barely get a blip.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.