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Thread: Imac ram issue

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    Imac ram issue
    I have a 17 inch white C2D imac with 2 x 1 GB sticks of ram in it currently. And my question is if I swapped that over for 2x 2GB sticks one day in the future, would it have the dual channel effect that all matched pair sticks have even though only 3 of the 4 GB would be addressed in the mac?

    And if it would have the dual chanelling effects, would this be much of an improvement to a 2 and a 1 GB (3 total) stick in my mac?

    Lastly currently I have zero page outs to my hard drive with my 2 GB of memory. And I always have over 300MB free. That's just free not including the inactive memory. And I do sometimes do things such as video and audio editing and photoshop work. So if I did get 3 or 4 GB for my imac, would the performance be a little less cause those extra GBs would rarely be used?

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    Thats alot of if's and theory right there. It should still receive the dual channel effect as it still meets the requirements for it. 4 is still faster than 3 unless you buy lower quality memory. That said seems like 2gb is enough for you so unless you want to upgrade id say staus quo.
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