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Thread: powermac g4 mmd dual 867 memory upgrade

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    powermac g4 mmd dual 867 memory upgrade
    from what i read in a powermac g4 quide, i see that the dual 867 mmd uses pc2100....but when i go to memory upgrade sites, they say this computer can use pc2700....i was thinking that the dual 1 and 1.25 could only use pc2700....can one use pc2700,,,,and will most stanard memory work,,such as crucial, kingston, corsair

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    Hey I've been doing research on the same thing. I just bought a used dual867 PowerMac and was looking for memory as well. I found some websites that said pc2700 memory is compatible with pc2100 motherboards so I think that pc2700 is the max it can take. I would go with samsung because that's what the PowerMac's originally come with. Check the link out.

    SAMSUNG 1GB PC2700 DDR333 6NS CL2.5 DDR SDRAM - Winter Sale

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    Here is the memory you need from Mac specialists OWC:-

    Memory Upgrades for your Apple PowerMac G4 "Mirrored Drive Doors" 2x867MHz at

    the PC2700 is backwards compatible with PC2100 ~ similar to iusing PC122 memory in PC100 system bus machines. Works at the slower speed alas.

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