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Thread: factory slot ram

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    factory slot ram
    Hi there!

    I own a 20" iMac with 768MB ram.
    I'd like to upgrade my ram to higher, but I don't want change from the user slot. I'd like to change the factory slot ram to 1Gb and some company selling it.
    I found one company here who'll change it for me without lose my warranty.
    So, Has somebody got this factory slot ram? Does it works well?


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    Well first of all. You cannot put a 1gb stick in as any given slot only supports a max of 512mb. Now onto how to change the factory ram slow. I believe this will be helpfull: - it gives you a step by step how to on taking apart the machine and getting to the factory slot to putting it back together. It includes a short description of each step as well as enlarge-able pictures.


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