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    Unhappy G4 doesn't see mouse/keyboard after trying to add USB wireless
    I know very little about Macs and am trying to resolve a problem on my husband's G4 with OS9.2.2. Yesterday morning it was working fine with an intuos drawing pad, pen, mouse and keyboard. I installed a driver for a USB wireless adapter that I purchased from that's supposed to be compatible with OS9.2.2. It didn't work, and also took away the functionality of all peripherals except the monitor and the keyboard's <enter> key. I've rebooted many times and the other mouse that's connected to the keyboard worked intermittently yesterday, but after it being shut down over night doesn't work at all today.

    I took the cover off and reset the PMU button and that had no impact. Has anyone seen this or know what's going on?

    Thank you for any suggestions you have.


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, macigno.

    Can you search your hard drive for the wireless card driver you installed? There should be something in the Control Panels, I imagine, and there must be some files in the Extensions folder as well.

    I would disable them, create a folder named Extensions (disabled) and drag all the files there.

    I would disconnect the hardware as well.

    And I would also email Macwireless support staff and ask them how to make that card work in your set up.

    Restarting the Mac and rebuilding the desktop might help. You do this by holding down the Option and Command keys at startup. (You will be prompted with a dialog box).

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