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    MDD vs. Sawtooth?
    ok so i'v spent around $360 so far upgrading a sawtooth g4 i got off ebay, after i buy the more powerfull video card(256mb vs 16mb) and add another gig of ram, i will have put roughly around 500-600 dollars in it including the ammount i paid for the mac itself. now it has a 1.7ghz g4, 2gb ram(or will have 2gb), will have the 256mb video card, sata controller, pci usb hub, dvd burner, 2 80gb hard drives 2 250gb hard drives that i had in my pc, external usb hub. Just to say i got the sata controller, and pci usb hub because i needed sata and the computer doesn't have usb2.0.
    Would it have been better to just buy a MDD dual 1ghz g4 with 1 gig of ram, dvd burner, 64mb video card, 120gb hard drive for about the same price as what i have put into the sawtooth, i kinda feel like i made a dumb mistake.

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    okay, i quess i would not have bought a sawtooth g4 in the first place,, for one thing,,it uses sdram,,which is pretty slow by todays stanards...

    i just bought 3 apples powermacs in the last month, and finally satisfied with my dual 867 mmd i just bought off ebay..a quy in minnesota is selling them, and it works great.. he is still selling the dual 867 in the $300 + range... i saw one on there today...i had a g3,,,lasted 3 days and sold it,,painfully slow,,,got a quicksilver 2002, 800mhz,,,,its better than the g3,,,but sort of slow too....then i got the dual mmd 867, with a nvidia 32mg 4x card,,,1gb,,, and its a lot faster than the other two...very happy with a 9800 pro coming,,,it should be a nice upgrade... i can live with the mmd dual 867,,,sort of wanted the dual 1.25 or 1.4,,but you pay for em...i was looking at the $300-400 range......i was looking at a new imac at bestbuy,,and was thinking,...hey-this does not seem much faster than my mmd daul here you have it from someone that has had 3 powermacs in the last month...also,,have put lepord on my mmd dual 867,,,and works great..

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