Greetings! Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered, and for that matter I apologize if this is the incorrect forum.
My problem is as such..... I'm a newbie to the MAC world having just purchased a new iMAC (OMG, this thing is GREAT!!) Obviously, in my past life I used a PC based laptop and had an according NTFS formatted Media HardDrive hooked up to the TV for my movies and all..... (Iomega ScreenPlay 500Gig). Despite my best efforts to read up on things before purchasing the MAC, the fact that the HD format is un-writable by MAC was news to me... Having no experience in these matters, I in turn used my Disc Utilities in the OSX to try to re-format the drive to FAT32 (after I had backed it up, of course). However, there were no options for FAT32. Just MAC Journaled, un journaled, UNIX, etc. Like a big dummy, I picked the Journaled MAC/Apple format and it did it in 3 seconds, which was when I KNEW I did something wrong! The odd thing is that now the iMAC can Read and Write on the disc (Great!), but when it's connected to the TV the TV screen reads "No Disc" (after I loaded some movies back on). Furhermore, when I try to connect it back to the PC laptop, it doesn't show in Explorer or anywhere for that matter.
What can I do?