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    Two More Questions!
    I was wondering if I should leave my iPod cord connected in to my iMac USB all the time. Will it be better then reconnecting it everytime? I'm just wondering because I'ma fraid it might eventually wear the USB ports or something.

    Second question, will anything bad happen to the iMac or drive or anything like that if you restart your iMac several times every five minutes? I ask because a friend was having trouble with opening something and turned his iMac on and off about 6 times in a row(but waited about three minutes between each turn off or turn on) in hopes of being able to run something. Will this have damaged anything?

    Thanks again!

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    1) It doesn't matter.

    2) Anytime you turn your machine off you risk the chance of something going awry with the hardware, that is the nature of hardware. In this case if the machine is being shut down and started up properly each time I'd say you are unlikely to have any issues, at least as unlikely as you would be any other time, random occurrences aside.

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    So nothing should be wrong with it? It doesn't automatically mess it up somehow though, right? Everything seems fine with it. What do you mean by shut down properly? He says he went to the Apple and then re-start. Is that they proper way?

    Do you mean it's not a good idea to shut down your iMac period?

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    No... its not a bad idea to shut down your mac, sometimes shutting down when your not using the computer can extend the hardwares life. But I've never had any problem letting my mini stay on for extended periods of time.

    The best way to reboot or shutdown your mac is to go to the apple menu and select shut down or restart, this way you stop the system processes the safe way. But sometimes your mac may freeze up and you have to do a hard shutdown by pressing and holding the power button, if its not necessary to hard shutdown your mac I would suggest going through the shut down menu.

    No, restarting your computer won't "automatically" mess it up. But you can see longterm effects if you continuously shut down your computer by forcing it to shutdown with a hard shutoff, but if you follow safe procedure I doubt that you will have any issues.

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