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Thread: Getting a new imac Tuesday, But had some questions

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    Getting a new imac Tuesday, But had some questions
    1. what is the best way to transfer some data from Pc to my new Imac, including my address book?

    I did not want an old Imac with Tiger to be upgraded to Leopard, so when I ordered it online, they said they will build it with Leopard pre-installed.

    2. Is there a way for me to confirm this?

    My PC has a trojan ,
    3. Will the data I transfer be infected? Should I even take a chance? I can print my address book and put the emails manually and any documents are I deemed necessary I can print and make a hard copy.

    And I have my wife and a teenage daugther,

    4. Should I set it up for 3 names, my wife thinks is not a big issue to just for all of us to go in.
    It makes a little sense to me for all of us to have different desktops.

    Last,I have itunes in my Pc,

    5.Is there an easy way to get authorization on my new Imac?

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    1. I like using the local area network to transfer files

    2. If it comes with Leopard restore DVD's instead of an upgrade disc then it most likely was built with Leopard.

    3. Your data should be fine, the Trojan may get copied over but it will not affect your iMac. It is possible you could spread the infection to other pc's but that is unlikely.

    4. Yes! I would even go so far as to make 4 accounts. Make 3 standard accounts, 1 for each of you, and have an administrator account for when you need to install software, do updates and the like.

    5. Yes, just click store then click authorize computer from the iTunes menu on the new iMac.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    yes, perfect
    thanks for taking the time to reply, perfect, I will try your suggestions. If any one has any other ideas, it will be much appreciated.

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    To answer your address book question there are a number of methods - address book can import the following formats

    Address book archive

    It depends on which program you are using on your PC most will be able to output in one of the above methods to a file.

    Just to backup what has been said the mac should be immune to any PC virus/trojan or other malware.
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    cooljoe - what you'll find is that the Apple platform is incredible! Good luck to you! Hope you and your family enjoy it. Let us know!

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