I have a new Imac and an older laptop a Ibook G4, I have the webcam on my Imac but not on the Ibook. I have DSL for my internet. I am wondering how exactly and what do I do to set up my laptop so when my husband is traveling for work he can connect and chat with me and the kids at home with the webcam. I would need to buy a separate webcam for the Ibook but I really don't know what to do as in Where do I get my wireless service for the laptop and how much should it be? would it be unlimited online access for him or would it charge by the minute? I have never used wireless before. And I have never used Ichat before. I would really need detailed instructions please.

Also I got my bluetooth on my imac to connect to my cellphone and pulled my pics and videos off...is there away to talk through my computer and use my cellphone number to connect...I have horrible reception on the house but if I set my cellphone somewhere to stay connected and then sit at my desk with the bluetooth connected to it, can I talk through the computer and call people?
Thanks in advance