Curious, has anyone noticed now that with the latest security patch that apple put out, the powermac g5s, it sounds like either the hard drive or the fans dont turn off? before the update, when i put my mac into sleep mode, i could not hear it, like it was off. but now i can hear either the fans (which i think is it) or maybe the hard drive is still going. i dont like this since i sleep near my mac and it is not loud, but it is there, you know.

also, anyone found out if there is a way to make the new 20" cinema have the button put the mac straight into sleep? the new optiion you can choose to turn the button to not do anything, turn the monitor off and go into sleep or wake. when it is in sleep/wake mode, it prompts you if you would like to go into sleep, restart, cancel or shutdown, which annoys me. i want it to just go like they had before.

later all!