On boot up I got either the little screen with a question mark, or the forever spinning wheel. I attempted to boot up off of the boot discs (both OS9 and OSX) but to no avail. A friend looked at it and moved the hard drives over to the 66Mhz port on the motherboard. It now boots in both OS9 and OSX but is slower than the 100Mhz port it was running off of before. I've been running at the limits of this machine and need all the speed I can get. Is there something I can look for (fried component on the motherboard, etc) and repair, or is it a matter of replacing the motherboard. If it is the motherboard, I wouldn't even know where to start to find one.
I've been drooling over the 8-core intel Macs but don't really have the money right now. Even if I did upgrade, I still need this old machine to be fully operational for the ton of archived OS9 projects I have.
I have recording projects scheduled so I'm between a rock and a hard place.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

The machine is a dual bootable (OS9 / OSX) MDD (Mirrored Door Drive) 1.25Ghz dual processor with 2GB RAM. The motherboard is a *J53422VPPG6T* 630T4659/630-4655