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    Macbook Pro vs. iMac
    I'm currently looking for a new Mac. I have a 13" Intel Core Duo Macbook now. My options really lie between a Macbook Pro or an iMac. I'll be going to college in Fall of 08, so it's a little early to be looking, but I just wanted some other people's inputs.

    I use the computer for Word Processing (MS Word), E-mailing, Internet (Safari), some video editing (iMovie) and anything else college might call for. Gaming is an option but not really a priority.

    Thanks in advance for your responses!

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    Well since you already have a laptop that you can take with you to places, then I suggest the iMac. My main concern is having a laptop to take to college so that you can get away from roommates if needed when trying to do homework. Since you already have a Macbook, I would get the iMac.

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    I agree!!

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    Why not a big screen and a keyboard for your Macbook?

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    Go with the iMac or with the above posters suggestion and buy a monitor and keyboard so the Macbook can be a desktop computer when it's at your desk.

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    I forgot to mention something really important. Soda was spilled on the Macbook so, while it runs perfectly fine, the keyboard often sticks. So I probably am going to need to replace the keyboard. Either way The cost of an iMac plus the keyboard replacement will probably be less than the Macbook Pro.

    Well you guys good points. I think that's what I'll wind up doing. Thanks a lot!

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    I have a Dell E1505 with a 1.73ghz core duo running vista and I was thinking of getting a macbook pro for college in fall of 08' also. I posted a thread on and they recommended getting an imac and keeping the laptop, so, I did, I'm typing this from a new 20" 2.4ghz imac, and I have no regrets!

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    As another poster suggested, I would go with an external screen and new keyboard/mouse setup that basically turns ur laptop into a desktop. Since you already have the computer it would be easy to add a monitor that is better than what comes in the iMacs. If your really sold on the iMacs I highly suggest the 24 inch version. Put both wallpapers to a medium solid grey and you will see immediately why.

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