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    cpu upgrade questions
    I have a g4 sawtooth, 576mb ram, standard 16mb video card, 400mhz g4, was just curious what is the equilivent of a 400mhz g4? P2 400mhz? p3 400mhz or is the mhz completly different than intel? meaning a g4 400mhz is actually like a 800mhz p3 or something like that.

    Also if i buy a dual g4 500mhz that came out of a gigbit ethernet mac can i install that in my sawtooth with out a problem? When you do install a processor is it just a matter of unhooking a few connectors and taking out a few screws and then installing the new cpu? or do i have to get into the hole soldering process?

    Last i able to take a quicksilver or GB logic board and install it in my sawtooth with out a problem, i was kinda hoping to get a updated lobo with a better agp slot. Thanks for reading.

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    there is a site called xlr8yourmac

    You should find any info you need on there

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    The G4 is not directly comparable to an x86 CPU, the architecture is different. Generally speaking, it seems to be equivalent to an equally-clocked P3, but as I said, it's not an x86 processor, and it's running on completely different chipset and O/S so it's very difficult to assess the performance of the CPU itself relative to an x86 processor like what is found in virtually all Windows boxes.

    And no, you can't drop any dual CPU card in that machine, at least not easily. You'll have to desolder the CD-ROM IDE port and use a PCI IDE card. Just about the only CPU upgrade you're going to get for that machine that's practical is going to be a 3rd party card.

    The Gig-E board wouldn't necessarily be a worthwhile upgrade. A QS or DA board would, but those are unlikely to be a drop-in fit. They also have different power supply requirements and you'll have to figure out how to heatsink the chipset, which is mounted on the back of the board. And that's not going to be easy unless you have access to a machine shop or are very good with working aluminum, because you'll need to accurately shape a little heatspreader to sandwich between the chip and the case, using the EMI shield on the side panel as a heatsink. I don't know why you're looking to upgrade just for the AGP slot, though... a Radeon 9800 will work in a 2x slot.

    In short, all of what you're asking can be done, but unless you've got a lot of experience doing serious modifications to PCs, you probably won't find it very easy to do.
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    i think i will just wait for a 3rd party chip on ebay along with that graphics card

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