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Thread: Missing iLife

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    Missing iLife
    I just bought a new 24" iMac and am loving it. However, I'm a little perplexed with the situation with iLife. Having purchased my iMac from an Apple Retail Store the weekend that Leopard came out, it came with a Leopard upgrade disc. I know that each new Mac comes with iLife, and mine did with the Tiger installation, however when I applied the Leopard upgrade, iLife was no longer present. How do I avoid this?

    I assume that new iMacs will come with Leopard pre-installed and iLife included pretty soon, so how come I'm missing out on iLife just because I bought my iMac after Leopard's launch but before they managed to shift the old stock?

    Any advice appreciated

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    So you simlpy upgraded, or did you format and upgrade?

    I'd just reinsert the Tiger disc and choose install applications only, and choose iLife again. But I would expect a simply 'upgrade' would actually retain your applications.
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    Yea I erase & installed Leopard then just reinstalled ilife from tiger disks it works fine

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    Agreed with above responders. I upgraded, not erase and install, and the iLife applications were retained. If you did erase & install, the provided Tiger OS disks should allow you to install just those apps.
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    ahh ... cool. didn't realise you could install just the apps from the tiger installation. I'll be on to that tonight then!

    thanks for the quick responses guys!

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    yeah contrary to what most people believe, iLife is NOT part of OS X and is its on entity. iLife can be found on your restore discs that also include Tiger on it just select install applications only.
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