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    Question ATI Radeon 9800XT?
    Hi, new here and I just got my first Mac on Friday. It's a Dual 2.5 G5, 1GB ram, 160 HD, SD, and 9800XT.

    Anyway, the sticker on my box says ATI 9600XT but I ordered the 9800XT and am not sure if I got the wrong video card or not. I waited three months for this thing and am hoping I got the correct stuff. I took a snapshot of it so that maybe someone could assure me that I got the right one. Here it is:

    It looks different than the one they have on the ATI site. I assume that's because they pictured the PC retail version?

    I checked "about this mac" on my computer and it doesn't list the model number just says ATI and ATY, R360. The Apple Tech support didn't know either and said to look at it and if it covers the 2nd PCI slot then I probably have the right one (which it does). The info in the sys profiler also says it has 256Mb vram. I guess the box sticker just lists the standard config. and not the upgrades (it does say 1Gb or Ram though, which is an upgrade)?

    I'm assuming I have the right one with this info, but wanted to check with some people that have the real knowledge.

    Thanks for any help!

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    No thoughts?

    thanks if you do!

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    That is definetley the 9800XT. You can tell because the fan on the card makes it so you can not use the PCI slot above it. This only happens with the 9800XT and possibly the Nvidia 6800(for the 30")

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    Take the card out. I'm sure it's written on it.

    The picture you posted resemble 9600XT more than 9800XT. Notice the location of the capacitors on the board.

    Plus, the stickers are usually correct. They will list all the upgraded components. If it says 9600XT, it probably is.

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    Oh, sorry. If the system profiler says R360, it must be 9800XT. 9600XT will show RV360.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm pretty certain it's the 9800xt. I posted here and most have confirmed the model.

    Plus there's a link towards the bottom to another forum with pics of the 9800xt.


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    To me it sounds a little silly to conclude what kind of videocard it is based on the size of the heatsink, but whatever works.

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