So Apple is providing an upgrade to Leopard from Tiger if the computer was purchased on or after October 1st. I think it's great that Apple is providing this, unfortunately I am a little upset at the timing.

I purchased on of the "All-New" "All-in-one" iMac, at the end of August (and by end i mean august 30th) But I've only got Tiger, kind of makes me upset that this offer wasn't extended to all new iMac owners, afterall I think the original intention was for the new iMacs to have Leopard.

I guess it pays to wait :-P I'll remember that next time. Maybe I'll wait till the next generation of iPods come out to replace the ones that were just released... nah, im kidding.

But anyway, I love my Mac as it is, nothing will change that. Ive heard a few upgrading issues so far with Leopard, so I'm gonna wait till those are all cleaned up. I work for a software company so I know what it's like, no matter how great the product is, there is gonna be some initial problems, given Apple's reputation I can see myself upgrading in the next few months