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    Rob Chase
    Explorer has stopped working
    I have a G4 MDD with dual 1 GB processors, with Explorer 5.2, which has never given me any problems...occasionally it would "unexpectedly quit", which i assumed was due to lack of suffiecient memory. It was never a huge problem, but I just installed 1 more GB of memory, and everything was working wonderfully until today. Now every time I open Explorer it immediately gives me the "unexpectedly quit" window....can anybody tell me why? Thanks a lot,

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    Well I would try repairing permissions. But I seriously suggest a browser other than IE

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    Rob Chase
    I tried repairing the permissions and it is still acting up...I would have no problem using safari exclusively, but there are a few sites that i visit regularly that just don't load up...any suggestions?

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    The reason why it does that, is because it's a Microsoft product. My suggestion is to switch to Firefox or Safari.

    But seriously, try deleting the plist for the app, and then follow witeshark's advice and repair your permissions.

    You mentioned that some sites don't work under Safari? Which ones?
    Roger Michaels
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    Those must be some sites ...
    For my uses there are three sites which must have IE. Two use non supported (except for EI) viewers for data and one just has sloppy java and I am complaining about the Java to the webmaster. :mad:

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