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Thread: Can i use The ram in my mac, in my PC?

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    Can i use The ram in my mac, in my PC?
    I Think all ram is the same, there is no thing as mac ram or pc ram, but im not sure. I have like 4 G4 towers with like 1.5gig of ram each and i want to know if i could take some out and put it on a pc i just bought?

    If u can give me a link or wich type of ram is compatible, etc.
    Thx in advance

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    All RAM is not the same. The type of RAM you need is decided by what motherboard you have. The G4 towers are rather dated, and so a new PC would not be using the same type of RAM. So you can't just take out the RAM in your G4 and pop it into a new PC.

    I can't help you with what type of RAM you need until you give me more information about the type of computer it is. Most likely it's going to be some variation of DDR2, but obviously we would want to tell you the exact type, which is why we need to know what computer you have specifically.

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