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    would this be feasible?
    so I just got the new imac and I want it to be faster in video editing as well as my flight simulator... I cant upgrade the graphics card but can I get an external something or other that is a slave for the graphics card that is in the imac?

    maybe a used mac mini with an upgraded graphics card or somethin connected to the imac?

    Is this possible?



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    For starters, the Mac mini uses integrated graphics, so you'll never be able to find one that has a better graphics solution than your iMac, which has a dedicated graphics card.

    Secondly, there are currently no external video cards available for personal use. You might find something in the corporate or commercial sector, though they'll cost more than your iMac.

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    What iMac did you get? How much memory do you have?

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    He said "new iMac" so I'm guessing the aluminium one.

    Which processor is your iMac?

    I thought the new iMac's GPU was decent and got great FPS in 30 games.

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    I got the 20'' imac, 2.4 ghz and 4 gigs ram. I think there was only one option for the video card... the ati radeon 2600 with 256 of vram

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