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Thread: Switching HDs

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    Switching HDs
    I bought a larger system drive. How can I get all the software over to my new drive? When I put the new drive in the G5s second bay can I just drag the contents of my current system drive to the new one and it will be able to be the new system drive? Or, do I have to do something else? I just don't want to have to load all my software fresh on the new drive.

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    It would be best to use something like SuperDuper or CarbonCopy Cloner. You could also probably use Apples Disk Utility. Select the new drive and tell it to restore the old drive onto the new one.

    If you just drag and drop the files you will miss a fair chunk of invisible system files that are needed.


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    When you have both drives in the computer, boot from the os x cd, then both drives can unmount and you can basically create an image of your other drive (after formatting of course)

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