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    upgrade processors in mac pro?
    I am looking for specifications on the motherboard of the mac pro.

    If I get the 2.6 dual core x2, I want to know if at some point down the road I can throw in other processors and have it be compatible. I'd like to know what the board can accept.

    I know nothing about mac, but I've built many pcs.

    I know there is talk of a new version coming out with penryns, but who knows when that will be and it may be way too expensive for me.

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    The logic board will accept processors of the same socket as the processors that are in there now if I am correct in assuming so. As for the model #, I have no clue. It was built specific for the Mac Pro so you're not going to find it at a store anyways.
    The likelihood of being able to toss in your own logic board and processors in the Mac Pro, say in 3 years, will be very slim. Everything is custom built for the Mac Pro. They don't use standards like ATX or micro-ATX.
    But I could be totally wrong. This is the first time Apple has used Intel processors in the Mac Pro. Maybe a bunch of 3rd party companies will build upgrades in the future.

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    There's a website somewhere (sorry, I forget where) that shows how to replace a pair of 2.66 GHz dual-core processors with a pair of 3.0 GHz quad-cores. So it's possible within the same family of processors, at least.

    However, you'd void the warranty on the Mac Pro, and it looks like the new Mac Pros will have completely new processors and logic boards. So you probably won't be able to upgrade to Penryns, but you might be able to update to a pair of Clovertowns if you can find them and if you're willing to live without a warranty.
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    You can upgrade to any current processor in the xeon line that uses the same socket. See article below.
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