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    Poor CPU performance on new iMac 2Ghz C2D

    I bought the new Core 2 Duo 2GHz 800mhz FSB iMac thinking that i got myself a powerful computer for making music. However when I open the Garageband magic projects (Slow Soul), it plays for 10 seconds then stops and then a window appears telling me that part of the project could not play because there is too many tracks, effects and notes playing and that to optimize GarageBand

    Also, when I play 3 instances of Sculpture in Logic Pro 8, the CPU metre almost hits red. People have told me that they have managed to play 20 instances of Sculpture on Logic Pro 7.2 on a Core 2 Duo 2Ghz Mac.

    I have tried editing the buffer size but I still get the same problems.

    Is the problem a known issue for Logic Pro 8 and GarageBand or is my iMac a slow computer even though it has a fast FSB and CPU.

    I have 1GB memory installed on my iMac.

    Please advise


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    More memory.
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    Install menu meters and post the percentages of the each core with each task you do. Also, post how much used and free RAM it says you're using/ not using.
    We can help diagnose your problems if you provide us with some data.

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    Actually, it's funny he brings this up. I had this problem on my old Macbook.

    I had 2GB of RAM, and less than 1GB was in use because that was the first thing I looked out. There is no way that 1GB is not enough memory to run a few tracks in a music creation program, when the same computer can run multiple videos at the same time.

    I never checked my processor usage, but the fans never sped up while I was using it.

    RAM is not the answer, although I'd LOVE to know what the answer is.

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