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Thread: G5 2.0GHZ Dual - Slouchy performance

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    G5 2.0GHZ Dual - Slouchy performance
    Our PM G5 2.0 is getting slow - I get a lot of spinning beach balls or it's just sluggish. After a restart it seems fine then after a while it slows up again.

    I thought it might have something to do with the Ram ( 2GB over 4 x 512 MB modules installed) - so have been taking out pairs to see if it made any difference. Apple Hardware test (AHT)showned an issue with the Ram (Error Code post/0/2048 Dimm/ J6700) but I think it was because I have left three modules in during the test. Anyway I ordered some replacement modules anyway- 2 x 1GB ones from Crutial. Installed those and same old thing.

    AHT is saying everything else seems fine.

    I have fixed permissions using Disk Utility.

    What else could it be? Has anyone got any ide? Running 10.4.10

    Also- assuming that the old memory is in fact ok...... the new memory is 5200 speed old memory was 4200 - assuming that the memory is installed in matching pairs can I put all the modules back in with no issue on performance?

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    What's the deal in Activity Monitor?

    Have you run all the cache cleaning tools in Onyx?

    Have you got a lot of activated fonts?

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    Oct 19, 2007
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    What am I looking out for in activity monitor? Lots of programmes working in the background?

    Have downloaded Onyx and will run tools-

    There are a fair few fonts - but nothing added from base - we could turn a few off I suppose but I don't think this is an issue.

    The problem comes and goes.....

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