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    interesting thing happend today...
    First of all I walked up to the computer and saw a firmware update box. I downloaded it and intalled it. No problem. A little later, I had Safari opened and was almost done posting a message in forum similar to this one. All of sudden it was like someone was holding down the delete key. My freshly typed text was deleting itself one character at a time. Immediately afterwards each browser window closed itself down and eventually the application also closed(safari). I shrugged it off as a ghost or something and didnt pay any mind. Later on I opened safari and noticed that all my bookmarks in one of my folders were gone. The other folders where fine, just this one in perticular. I called applecare and they helped very very little. They are great 95% of the time, but not this time. The person I spoke with seems to think it was the firmware update. Has this ever happened to anyone here before? Could this some kind of bug or virus or me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Oops I guess I should take this post to the another area huh?

    Sorry new here

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    No problem, macTruck. I see you have posted in the correct forum so will lock this one.

    Btw, welcome to Mac-Forums!

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