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    How hard is it to upgrade new iMac's hard drive?
    I plan to purchase one of the new iMac's and I assume that the hard drive is not user replaceable so I know there are warranty risks but a couple months ago I was able to upgrade the hard drive in my current generation MBP to a 250GB drive.
    When I get an iMac I plan to get the more expensive 20 inch version and want at least 500GB since it'll be dual boot (BootCamp) Windows XP/Mac. Even the 750GB is tempting. I may go the route of the smallest hard drive and then buy a larger hard drive and upgrade myself to save money but is this hard to do?

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    Yes it is a bad idea... You will void the warranty and not really save that much money. There are always NAS devices and external drives if you need more space. I run bootcamp on a 40 gig partition, I play one game and run a couple of small apps. All my music, movies and photos are on the Mac side.

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    Well, if its anything like the previous generation iMacs, its VERY hard to do. I replaced the HD in my iMac, and I never want to do it again.
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