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    Newbie question about G4 MDD keyboard
    Hello, all! I'm excited, as I've been a dedicated Windows user for years, but just made the "switch" via eBay over the last week or so.
    I sold my Windows desktop and laptop, and found good deals on a "bare bones" G4 tower (1.25 CPU, MDD) and a 1 gig G4 iBook.

    Part of getting a "good deal" was buying the tower in parts. It was a stripped tower, and I had to buy OS X, RAM, hard drive, and keyboard/mouse.

    Unfortunately, I have all the parts in today, but am still waiting on the keyboard & mouse! According to the tracking info, it will be in around Thursday.

    But I don't want to wait that long! I have a USB mouse that I've plugged in that seems to work fine. However, I'm curious:

    Will a generic USB keyboard that is designed for PC work with my G4?
    I know it sounds elementary, but I thought about just running to Walmart and picking up a cheap keyboard to use until my Apple gets here.

    I realize it won't have the specific Apple buttons, but will it work for basic typing??

    I just really want to get my system and software set up!

    Thanks for your help!

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    In a word, yes. I've used generic USB keyboards with my MacBook Pro with no problem. You'll be prompted to answer a few questions about it when you plug it in, but after that, it will work.
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