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Thread: Amacroe memory

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    Sep 08, 2007
    Amacroe memory
    I was thinking of buying Amacro 2 gb ram. for my new iMac. (not sure of the spelling i probably got it wrong...)
    Can anyone advise if any good, or should I buy Kingston or Crucial instead. Or all the same...

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    Sep 06, 2007
    RAM quality can definitely be of different quality from Vendor to Vendor. Having said this, I've never heard of Amacro RAM. BUT, that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad.

    When I got my iMac, through suggestions on this board, I ended up buying from They specialize in Mac upgrades/accessories. They have a 'house-brand' called OWC (Other World Computing); that's extremely well priced and conforms to Apple's specs.

    Anyway, I bought a 4GB kit and it has worked flawlessly.


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    Sep 08, 2007
    I heard that the factory installed ram is the good stuff but if you buy extra ram from an apple store it's generic... and over priced. feel free to correct me if I am wrong

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