hey all,

I have a Quicksilver G4 with the stock dual graphics card that allows you to hook up an ADC display as well as a VGA display. This model also came with bootable OS9 and OSX software. I mainly run this computer with protools on OS9 (I know it's time to upgrade - but I have tons of protools plugins that are OS9).

Anyways - I've been using my 17" Apple (ADC connection) LCD monitor that I purchased with this mac with no problems. I was recently looking to gain some more screen real estate and purchased a used HP2335 LCD. Hooking that up to the VGA connection, I can't get 1920x1200 which the mac I htought the grapics card should be able to support and is the monitors native resolution. Everything basically looks slightly fuzzy. I hooked the monitor up to my macbook pro and the resolutions crisp and solid.

Is this an OS9 issue of not being able to support that resolution or is a graphics card issue? And if it is a graphics card issue, is their a reasonable upgrade card to get on an older mac model like this?

Any help is much appreciated!

thanks in advance