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    memory for mac mini and macbook
    I have a first gen macbook that I have maxed out the mem to 2 gigs. I also have a intel mac mini that I only have the standard 512mb. I use them both and the mac mini just needs more mem but cash is tight. how much performance would I loose if I took out a gig of ram in my mac book and put it into my mini. I could take out one of the sticks of ram int he mini and have 1.25 gigs of ram in both. Or should I stick to having matched pairs in both computers and suck it up and buy more ram for the mini?

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    Just spent the $60 and get 2GB in both. If you really can't do that, then 1.25GB in both will be fine given that you will be using the Mini a lot. You will lose significantly noticable performance on the MB, especially when looking at loading simple things up, speed etc, but its much better than 512MB.

    But if I were you, I'd max the memory out. Its the first thing I do with a mac that I get in. All my Macs have at least 2GB. (bar the really old incapable models )


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    Ok where do I find memory for 60 bucks?

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