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    DVD Audio Problems
    Hey all,

    I've just got a new imac for uni (2.0GHz Core 2 Duo / 1GB / 250GB / 8x DVD-SM / 20" Widescreen / OSX / Desktop Computer) and I'm having a bit of a problem with the DVD player.

    I put in my DVD and it plays fine, but the sound is somehow muffled. I have turned the volume to the max and it seems like the background sound is louder than the foreground. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's as if the voices were in the background and every other bit of sound seems to drown it out. I can't seem to find anywhere to adjust the balance either.

    The sound on itunes is fine for me, and on other applications.

    Please help! I have told my friends how brill my imac is and they're coming to watch a the audio just sounds strange.


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    17 inch 2 GHz C2D imac (5,1) with 3GB DDR2 RAM, X1600 (128MB memory) GPU - OSX 10.6.3
    Go to the window menu and choose the "audio equalizer" there. Adjusting that might fix the problem.

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