Just wanted to see if anyone might be able to help me out. I suspect a faulty power supply, but just wanted a second opinion. I have a 1Ghz single processor G4 server. When I press the power button, I get a strange chime (not what I"m used to with my powerbook) and I hear the hard drives spool up, but that's all that happens. The monitor doesnt read any signal during this process, and the usb port doesnt illumiate the laser in the mouse. the only time I can get the mouse to flash is if I press the PRAM reset button on the CPU to force the machine to power down... other than that... cdrom doesnt eject/load, (I've tried 2) and as best I can tell the firewire isnt receiving power/signal... Basically there is power to the drives, and that's it. I have an oscilloscope and know how to use it, as well as a DVOM and other test equipment. Any thoughts folks? Any input will be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Anyone know where to get technician level specifications and troubleshooting information for this machine or any apple???