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    eMac solution needed
    I have an eMac that the entire family uses. We have saved so many bookmarks that when I try to delete them, the machine just freezes up. Does anyone know of a way to "force delete" all of them at once? I think if I can get them out of there, the problem would go away. Thanks.

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    Here are 2 ways of removing all the bookmarks from two common web browsers. Without actually opening each individual application. I'm not sure which one you use so I'll list the methods for both.


    For safari:

    Go to this folder:

    Your user folder -> libraries -> Safari

    And in that folder delete this file "Bookmarks.plist". That should fix your problem.


    For Firefox:

    Go to this folder:

    Your user folder -> libraries -> Firefox -> Profiles -> 0xhtrhku.default

    And delete these 2 things.

    "bookmarkbackups" It's a folder.
    "bookmarks.html" It's a file

    And that should fix your problem.

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    That worked. Thank you so much.

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    Do you not have individual user accounts setup for the machine?

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