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Thread: Newbie questions

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    Newbie questions
    With a Mac G4 can I connect it to a regular CRT monitor or does it have to be a Mac. Same question with the keyboard and mouse. Also, I'd like to add a second HDD for Kubuntu Linux. Would a regular IDE drive work? Thanks.

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    1• You should have no problem with the CRT, if the video card has a DVI on it you'll need an vga / dvi connector.

    2• You can use any keyboard and mouse your heart desires

    3• Yep, if there is enough space for it, it should take the ata drive just fine.

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    Like Ghostshadow said you shouldn't have any problems. My G4 has both VGA and DVI so you shouldn't have a problem there. My CRT's as PC as you can get (Daewoo)

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