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    External HD slow down computer?
    Hi all,

    Building my new iMac and debating whether to go with the 320gb or 500gb hd. On my current PC I keep my external hard drive (usb 2.0), which has all of my itunes music and pictures on it, always connected and running. Question is: Will keeping my external hd connected to my mac 24/7 cause a slow-down on computer performance? If so, i'll go with the internal 500gb hd and move all of my pictures and music onto the hard drive.


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    All of my itunes is stored on an external 750Gb Seagate drive which stays connected to my MBP prob 80% of the time - I have noticed no slow down due to having it connected and saves, loads, and launches my media without issue.
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    Anyone else have any comments regarding this issue? If there isn't any reduced performance then I can just purchase the iMac from the Apple store (rather than custom building it.)

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    It will not reduce performance, no. However, I have read (and my own experience has mirrored what I've read) that most USB/Firewire enclosures don't have a provision in their firmware to spin the drive down after its been idle for a certain period of time. This means that the drive is always running, always spinning... This can cause the drive to die much sooner than it would if it were installed internally.
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    Thanks for the reply geeky. I have had two external hd's running continuously for three years and they haven't kicked yet (knock on wood.) I have everything on both drives backed up on a third drive that sits in my safe. I was just concerned that if the drive is connected to my hub via usb, which is connected to the computer, that it might slow performance. I'm going to be a doing some light video editing on the computer and would prefer to leave most of my hd space free for video rather than my music and pictures. Thanks again for your response. Mike

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