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    New Imac and connecting to a HDTV?
    a newbie here with my 1st post....

    I am seriously considering replacing my PC with a new imac however I am finding it difficult getting information about connecting the imac to a HD LCD TV.

    I found information me telling me how to physically connect the mac to the TV however I have some extra questions which i am finding it difficult to find answers...

    1) I am guessing that the Mac can cope with dual displays being two different resolutions?

    2) My mac and TV would be virtually side by side. So when watching HD content, ideally I would like to have a blank screen on the mac while doing so. I am guessing you cannot turn off the screen on the mac (because obviously its all in one). So how would I get around this... a screen saver or something?

    3) Finally I have seen various codec downloads for the Mac, so I am guessing that sourcing all the weird and wonderful HD codec's is not a problem on the Mac?

    Cheers for any pointers you can give me.

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    1) No Problem... I'm doing it now.

    2) Just turn the Brightness all the way down... the screen will look like it's off.

    3) Not real sure...

    Welcome to the forums!!!!

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