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Thread: iMac G3 333Mhz HD Question??

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    iMac G3 333Mhz HD Question??
    I have read that these machines can only take an 8GB HD. But if you get a larger drive you have to put the OS on a 8GB partition. Say I put a 40GB HD in it, Would I have to partition the whole disk into 8 gig sections or can I make one 8 gig sction and a 32 gig section. If I leave a 32 gig partition will the computer be able to see it and use it?

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    I've seen no such limitation. lists the common 128GB restriction that comes with most older machines (an early IDE spec).

    The drive size may have been an OS restriction, but there won't be a problem with any newer OS (9 or 10).

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    Read under the OSX part. Yes, you have to make the FIRST partition less than 8GB. As long as the first (Boot) partition is less than 8GB, you can make the other any size you want. All the old iMacs from Revision A (233 Mhz to Rev D 333Mhz) require the less than 8GB boot partition.

    "If you have a hard drive over 8 GB in size, you must partition it, and the partition containing OS X must be completely within the first 8 GB of space or you will not be able to run OS X. (If you are creating the partition within OS X, it must be 7.45 GB or smaller as reported by Disk Utility, because sometimes a GB is billion bytes and sometimes it's 1,073,741,824 bytes."

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