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    Replacing internal start-up drive on Power Mac G5
    I've today installed a new internal drive on my Power Mac G5 which I would like to use as the start-up drive. How should I go about cloning my original hard drive to this new one? Do I have to re-install all of my software on the new drive or is there a way to send everything over all together. Jeez, I hope so.

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    There are two HD cloning tools, SuperDuper and I can't remember the second one off the top of my head. Google HD cloning for Mac.

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    Carbon Copy Cloner is probably the other one you were thinking about.

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    Some of the cloning advice I've been reading has insinuated that if I clone my drive onto another one with greater capacity I would be wasting the extra gigabytes. Does this mean that a cloned drive is basically a ROM copy? Or, once I clone will the cloned drive still be able to function normally?

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