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    imac logs off after an hour
    Hello guys,

    i was wondering if any of you could help me with the following...

    first of all, i recently installed Limewire and Transmission in my imac... when i download torrents, i usually leave the imac on then go do something else. then i notice that the imac keeps logging out after an hour and closes all applications that are running including messenger and msn. i tried counteracting this by making sure that in System Preferences - sleep mode is set to NEVER but it still logs off after an hour.... is there a way around this?

    secondly, how do i uninstall applications? i know in windows they have ADD?REMOVE Program in control panel...

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    Do you have a screen saver running that forces you to log back in? Maybe that's doing it.

    Uninstalling an App on a mac is very easy. Quit the program, then drag it's icon into the trash.
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    Go to system pref./security there is an option there to log out after an hour, you have to disable that. That should fix your prob.

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