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    imac 24" 2.4Ghz
    Do memory slots slide on the new imac 2.4ghz?
    I bought a 24" 2.4ghz glossy screen imac a few days ago. I went to install additional memory, unfolded the "tabs" and pulled, expecting the existing stick to slide out a little. The memory in there doesn't appear to move at all. In the empty slot, the tray seems to tilt a little, but doesn't slide. To remove the memory stick I had to pull on it with needlenose pliers - carefully! It seems like it should move enough to allow me to reach it.

    The new 2gb memory (from Crucial) wouldn't seat properly at first. Beeped when the machine turned on. I did get it installed, the machine recognized it, but had a kernal panic the next day. The original Apple memory works in either slot, so that's not the problem. The memory is on it's way back to Crucial. They were great about it.

    Basically, should the slot move? Should this be easier to reach? I'm female, so reasonably small hands and fingers.

    I called Apple support. They couldn't answer it........told me to take it to the Apple store. There are no 'genius bar' appointments available in the near future. Start of school I guess.

    So, I'm wondering if I have a defective computer?

    While I'm asking, the machine runs really, really hot. I load programs and the CD feels like it might burn my fingers when I take it out. Is this normal?


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    What are your temps like? Install iStat pro widget and it shows you all your temperatures.

    As for the memory sliding out, I can't say, cause i'm using the earlier mac, where the memory did slide out. Though as long as it recognises 2GB (in this case a corrupted 2GB), i think you should be fine...

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    imac 24" 2.4Ghz
    Thank you.
    Thank you. I will install the widget. It will be great to be able to give the apple support or the store specific temperature info.

    Hopefully, someone will know about the trays.


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