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    Low battery indicator problem
    I have a 20" iMac which is not even a year old. Yesterday, the low battery indicator started to flash so of course, I changed the batterys with new duracell's. Same problem. I constantly flashes with known good batteries (I tried various sets of known good ones). I clicked on the battery icon, and tried to rediscover my mouse but it couldn't be found after many tries. Help!!!! What can I try???? Your help is appreciated. Oh yes, the mouse works perfectly, but the blinking battery icon bugs me. Thanks

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    Try going to

    System Preferences >Keyboard & mouse

    it will show what it sees for battery strength. Try turning off mouse ....wait 5 seconds then turn on. It will reestablish a connection and in case it does not the same control panel use Set up device. BT devises are tricky items.

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    As it turned out, it wasn't the battys in the mouse that was the problem, but the keyboard battys. Replaced them and now no problem. Thanks for the help.

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