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    G4 - but can ANYONE identify which model?
    Hi chaps!. I have a friend who owns a PC repair shop. Someone brought in a G4 so that the photos could be recovered from it (the machine chimes upon startup, then promptly shuts down again!)

    I would love it if someone could ID this model/gen of G4. Thankyou folks; I appreciate it.

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    It is a G4 quicksilver.
    it will tell you specs on the back. There should be a little white sticker.

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    Thanks dude - I appreciate your assistance!

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    Make sure some joker didn't stick a shutdown AppleScript in the login/startup items list/folder.

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    Here is a place to find the specs on most (if not all) past Apple models:

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    And mactracker has the specs on every mac ever released too.

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    In another thread we were discussing the CUDA chip: looks like it could be something to try here as well.

    From Apple's Knowledge Base article, Resetting Cuda/PMU on Power Mac G5, Power Mac G4, Power Macintosh G3:

    ...The PMU is a microcontroller chip that controls power functions for the computer. The PMU is a computer within a computer, as it has its own memory, software, firmware, input/output, a CPU, and more. Its function is to:

    Tell the computer to turn on, turn off, sleep, wake, idle, etc.
    Manage system resets from various commands.
    Maintain parameter RAM (PRAM).
    Manage the real-time clock.

    Over time, the settings in the Power Manager may become unusable, which can result in operational anomalies with the computer. Examples include not turning on, not waking from sleep, or not seeing devices plugged into the USB and FireWire ports, among others.

    Resetting the PMU is not intended for resolution of a stall or situation in which the computer is unresponsive. A PMU reset should not be necessary except as a last resort in cases where a hardware failure of the power management system is suspected. Performing a PMU reset returns the computer hardware, including NVRAM, to default settings and forces the computer to shut down. ...

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