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    24-Inch iMac - Text Way Too Small
    First time post.. 2 questions

    Well.. I finally went ahead and purchased the new iMac. The 24-inch looked really nice in the store and .. it is a nice size, but I'm finding that it's just too hard to read the text; it's so small. If I'm in the iTunes store, it's impossibly small. While Camino lets me increase the size, I have to do so each time in each new window/tab - which gets a little old. Any tips on making changes?

    Should I go with a different resolution instead of the 1920 x 1200?

    Is there something I can buy/download that will let me make tweaks?

    Also.. is there any way to change the default setting for saving images from the Web? I want them to save as jpg files, but I can't seem to figure out where to change the path/file type.


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    If it is just little here and there stuff you have trouble reading you can hold control and scroll with the mouse button. If you scroll away from you, you zoom in and scroll toward you to zoom out. Once you zoom in, use the mouse to move the screen around.
    That's really my best suggestion.
    With Camino, you should be able to just drag and drop. Drag the folder over the HD icon or whatever folder you want and it should spring open. Or just drop it in.
    You can also right click and image and choose where to save it.

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    I have a visual impairment and just change the resolution to make everything bigger. For really small stuff, I just hold down the Control button and scroll up or down on my mouse to zoom in and out on the screen: really great for small text, pictures, and video.

    You beat me to it, Bry!

    You can adjust the font size in iTunes under preferences (a little bigger)
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    A few other options to consider, depending on what is too small. For example, pretty much every browser has a "minimum font" setting. You set it to the smallest font size you will let it render, and it imposes a minimum. For example, if you tell it 14 pt is the smallest it can use, everything 14 point and smaller is rendered as 14 point.

    For Firefox, you will find this setting at Preferences, Content, Advanced.

    For Safari (at least for 3.0, which is what I am using), it is at Preferences, Advanced.

    Of course I am sure you know already that you can change the font used on your desktop. Just go to View, Show View Options, Text Size.

    Does any of this help?

    I would recommend against changing the resolution. The iMac uses an LCD screen, with one physical pixel per display pixel. The "native" resolution is the only one that really looks good. You will likely find that things look a lot less clear at any resolution but the native 1900x1200.
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    Thanks. I was able to make the chance in Camino to where 14 pt is the minimum. It's still a little small in the iTunes store (not with my songs, but with the store itself), but.. I suppose I can deal with that.

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    I use the Zoom feature, but bear in mind Leopard is supposed to be resolution independent, so you should be able to scale up the whole display so make it readable (like Windows unsuccessfully tries to do with it's "font size" setting).
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    I had the same problem. Text way, way too small. I adjusted the desktop to different resolution. Played about with it. Tried the magnify thing with the mouse thing. Too much aggro.

    Then,... went back to the original resolution and now I'm used to it. I got some reading glasses (Yes,... it will happen to you!) but mainly it's because most people are used to poorer (dare I say ) PC displays.

    I know this may seem of little help now but one year on I love my Imac and it's lovely 1900 x 1200 display.

    Hopeully you will too.

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    You can adjust all the default fonts with TinkerTool.

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