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    TV Tuner for an old iMac
    Hi. I have a Bondi Blue iMac -- one of the real old ones with the pushbutton on the CD tray. I would like to get a TV tuner into it so that I can use it as a monitor for my even older TI 99/4a. I notice that there seems to be one bay in the panel where the USB and ethernet jacks are. Is that a place where I could put a TV tuner? If so, what tuner would I get?

    P.S. This iMac still has OS 9.2 running on it. I'm afraid to put OSX on it because it's so old.


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    Yeah, this wouldnt answer your question,
    But i think you are right not to put osx on your iMac.
    Although they are still great,
    It feels right at home in OS 9.

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    I don't think any TV tuner will work.

    The small ones that use USB require USB 2.0 and a much faster machine, the larger ones with dedicated decoding hardware require Firewire and OS X.

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