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Thread: Ran Apple Hardware test found an error code what is this code/

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    Mark Eggers
    Ran Apple Hardware test found an error code what is this code/

    I ran a hardware test and came up with a memory error

    Code is 2MLB/10/4:133

    I have a G4 1GHTZ. tower with origional 256 MB of RAM and an afftermarket 512 simm.

    I ran the test with the 512 simm in the computer.

    Does this code tell me which simm is bad?

    Thanks, Mark

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    Well my first guess is to test again with the new memory removed

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    And then replace the memory stick in, making sure it's secure and firmly in the slot. Check "About this Mac" and make sure the extra memory is being read. Then run the hardware test again. If you get another error, get a cardboard box and stamp and pick up the phone...

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    I would like to introduce you guys to this amazing thing called Google. A quick search in it brings up one, and only one result which would have informed you that 2MLB/10/4:133 means you have a bad RAM stick in slot 2.
    Roger Michaels
    Apple Certified Consultant

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