Hi all,
So here's the background: I'd been having some problems with the main monitor in my dual screen G4 setup. It was flickering eratically, and after some time plugging and unplugging things, I gave up and restarted the computer. Upon a restart, it only recognised the other monitor and treated it as a one screen setup.

So I unplugged everything and opened the side up, and, apart from the graphics card being very hot, nothing appeared out of place, so I unscrewed the graphics card and reseated it, just incase it had come loose. I put everything back together, plugged it in, pressed the power button and now nothing is happening. Complete unresponsiveness. When I press the power button, the little white light in it comes on (no sound or other response), then when I let go of the power swith, the white light goes out. Any ideas? This is driving me crazy!

P.S: These symptons are worryingly similiar to a problem I had with an old DELL system, in which it started dying and so I ended up having to replace the power system. Could it be a problem with the power in my room?