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    iMac G3 w/8MB video ram vs 16MB vRam, what will run 10.4 better? Does it matter?
    Hey guys. First post.

    I'm planning on getting my first mac since the iMac G3's are cheap enough on eBay now. I'm going to be getting one with 600Mhz and then I will max out the Ram. But I'm looking at two, one is the snow(white) iMac which has 16MB of video ram. The other is a blue one, not sure what the colour is called, but I like the colour better than snow. Anyways, that one only has 8MB of video ram. Other than that, the specs are exact same. Will the difference in video ram make much of a different when I run OSX 10.4?

    Thanks a lot.

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    I would seriously consider getting a 700 instead of 600. It would comfort you knowing you have the fastest iMac g3 available, although they are more expensive.

    I had an iMac g3 700 with 768MB ram 60gig hard drive,
    and im not sure how much video ram i dont remember at the moment. It may have been 8?
    It ran Tiger okay, it wasnt very exciting,
    But it FLEW in OS9, it was kind of a pick me up when i was feeling my Mac was obsolete.

    FYI, i bought mine at and i loved it they were great, but im not sure if they still have them there now.


    and if you are really settled on an iMac g3, than go for it.
    But if i could do it over again i would get a PowerMac g3,
    they use the same ram (only have double the slots) and can be upgraded so much more than the iMacs at not much cost.

    But its your choice.

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    OH, and one more thing,
    PowerMac g3s are also very cheap on ebay (They have barebone ones with no ram or hard drive for $30, RAM is soooo cheap (i got a 512 stick for $23) and hard drives are just as cheap.)
    Its the shipping that makes them more expensive.
    Worth it though

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    20" Imac Aluminum 2GHz C2D; Imac G4 1.42 GHz; Imac G3 400MHz Indigo slot loader w/many upgrades
    I have a 400-MHz Indigo Imac G3 slot-loader that has the 8MB of VRAM running Tiger just fine. I use it the the kitchen for looking things up on the internet quick while cooking, playing DVD's or whatever. Just make sure the RAM is maxed out.... That's where you are gonna see the difference for sure.

    I'm with Tanner though, I love the nostalgia of going back to OS9 and seeing how fast the computer really is.

    I still love my G3... Good thing it can't see the brand new Aluminum imac I just brought home... I wouldn't want anyone getting jealous...LOL

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