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    Mac Mini for Home Theatre?
    Hey Guys-

    I am brand new here becuase I was finally driven over the edge by my PC and I now have a MacBook on the way and was looking into getting a MacMini to keep in my home theatre console, although I am not sure it meets my requirements.

    I built my PC so I have no problems modifying hardware or installing components.....

    I am looking for a way to stream music and video from my home based "server" to my TV and surround sound, I know apple has the AppleTV deal but I dont have widescreen so that's out, plus I would like to be able to install a bigger harddrive and use it as a DVR then I could pull the captures off and burn them to DVD on my "server"

    Anyone have an opinion on this or other options I should investigate?

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    G4 Cube has a small HTPC section:

    AVS Forums has a great Mac HTPC section: (check out the Stickied topics there!)

    A list of various Media Center software for Mac:

    Elgato makes the great EyeTV Tivo-style software as well as hardware for both SD and HD recording:

    Keyspan makes some nice remotes:

    Lacie makes some great external hard drives:

    Newer Technology makes some great external hard drives that match the Mini: (up to a Terabyte!)

    FreeNAS is an excellent file server operating system: (my uptime is 22 days, ever since I installed it in my network closet!)
    Mac Sites - down for reconstruction

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