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    Buying a PowerMac G5
    Well I decided on the Dual 1.8Ghz simply because it will last longer

    Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5
    256MB DDR400 SDRAM (PC3200) - 2x128MB
    80GB Serial ATA
    ATI Radeon 9600 XT 128MB, ADC/DVI
    AirPort Extreme Card
    Apple Keyboard & Mouse
    Mac OS X
    One FireWire 800 port
    Two FireWire 400 ports
    Three USB 2.0 ports
    Apple Mouse

    Is there anywhere in the UK for cheaper airport extreme cards? I know crucial on the RAM

    Is it better getting a 160GB HDD with it instead, or am I better to get another at a later time (I read 2 HDDs give around a 10% speed boost)

    Should I get the bluetooth mouse and keyboard? I hope the battery lasts a while


    btw does anyone know why it says mouse twice on that list?
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    All I know is you chose a perfect time to get the 1.8Ghz dual, since the updates were JUST announced and the price dropped considerably.

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    The battery life on the mouse and keyboard is just fine. They both have automatic power savers,so when you are not using them, they kind of"sleep", and when you are not to use them for a longer period of time, you can shut both off with a switch. You can check out for more information on the both of them....If you do get the mouse and keyboard, make sure you get them as listed under Mac OS X Keyboard, becuse then you save a considerable amount, like I Did!

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    The wireless mouse (50 for a one button mouse!) and keyboard serve no purpose other than to 'look good'. If you intend to use them away from your computer then go right ahead, but if your work requires a desk save yourself some money and stick with wires, you'll also miss out on two extra usb ports if you decide to go wireless.

    As for the extreme card, considering the quality of the technology, 75 squid is pretty good. It's Apple's own too so I'd be surprised if you could find it legitimately cheaper anywhere else.

    If your intending on doing and visual stuff with your G5 then get the biggest HD you can afford.

    Get a University student to buy it for you, you'll get a whacking great discount. You'll save yourself about 150 - 200.
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