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    Foolish to wait to buy?
    So many predictions about MacPro upgrades on various Mac forums this summer, yet nothing happening so far. Just for the sake of argument, do you think it is foolish to think this will happen anytime soon? I'm not in an urgent need situation to buy, but thinking I could be waiting another 6 months at this rate....your 2 cents?

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    Ha, idk. It's a tough spot b/c they're are new rumors about upgrades the day after they make an upgrade lol.

    Personally, I'd wait just because even if it's 6-8 months till the next upgrade if you buy today you'll probablly be kinda sad after they do finally upgrade because Apple uprgades are usually pretty significant.

    In the end, I would just wait till the upgrade regaurdless of how long it takes. Rumors don't help much and since I don't have anyway of knowing when the next upgrades are my advice can only be so usefull I supose but I hope I helped out a little.

    Goodluck, eitherway itll be a pretty nice machine.
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